Ducati .. έρχονται !!!

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Ducati .. έρχονται !!!

Δημοσίευσηαπό ktm_isa την Σάβ Οκτ 07, 2006 3:44 pm

This is Ducati proprietary dealer info, NOT rumor or speculation! Straight from the 08/24/06 dealer meeting... I saw the packet with pics and specs!

Have paper pics only; none in jpg, etc. to post. Source wanted me to see them, but not post them. I will try to get some in an uploadable format.

All models have a 1099cc engine, but are designated 1098 (for fear of association with the IRS 1099 tax form - REALLY!).

Three Models-
$14,995 - 1098 Base: 160hp/80+tq
$19,995 - 1098S: adds carbon bits and Ohlins suspension pieces
$24,995 - 1098 Tri-Colore: adds race exhaust in the crate, red/white/green three-color paint
(Pricing is preliminary and may change slightly)

Styling somewhat similar to Desmosedici RR, but with longer, sharper front fairing and featuring dual headlights; New dash design; Single-sided swingarm; Dual oval underseat exhaust; Weight reduction of 37.5 pounds; Monoblock radial-caliper brakes w/330mm discs.

All 1098 models will come configurable as mono and biposto. Base model outperforms 999R!!

Ducati will NOT campaign the new bike for the coming AMA season; instead skipping a year for potential rule changes.

Official debut will be at Milan in November, with deliveries expected to begin in February.

My 1098S is pre-ordered with deposit. Ducati will NOT guarantee all orders, because of demand vs. supply issues on NEW production model. Get it locked in early if you want one.


Τα νεα ιταλικα μοτερ θα ειναι 1100 κυβικα.:wink:

Δημοσίευσηαπό Dimitris την Σάβ Οκτ 07, 2006 3:59 pm

Viva Italia!!
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